Detective Games - Magnum and McClane Worldwide Adventures

Adventures of Magnum and McClane – The World’s Greatest Detectives

Adventures of McClane and Magnum - The World’s Greatest Detectives Ever List of characters: Bruce McClane, Jack Magnum Erebus Nyx: ...
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Chapter 1: The Construction of Vicarious

Crime was on the downfall because of the heroic actions taken by Bruce McClane and Jack Magnum. They were seizing ...
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Boats and Foes: Bruce and Jack Meet the Bad Guys

Bruce McClane and Jack Magnum we’re investigating a series of incidents surrounding the docks in SD. The reports came in ...
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The Assembling of the Justice Friends

Members include: Bruce McClane, Jack Magnum, Servant, Inspector Ratchet, One-Night-Stand-Man, GnatMan, Waterboy, Gay Pride Man 🏳️‍🌈, Hustler, RoboFlex, and Yogaman While ...
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The Rise of Erebus Nyx

Members include: Dr. Dray Seusanpepper, Dick L’Stracy, Pig Latin, Fuh Kim, Dreadylocks/Deadlock, Brack Maglane, Dr. Whizdumb, BiCurious George, Savage Vaj, and ...
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The Creation of Brack Maglane and Dreadylocks/Deadlock

Brack Maglane - the evil CRISPR-created brother of Bruce McClane and Jack Magnum Dr. Dray was highly ambitious and had ...
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The Origin of Dick L’Stracy, The Flamboyant French Black Market Dealer

Dick L’Stracy, AKA Dickless Tracy Not much is known about Dick L’Stracy’s past. He is regarded as an international black ...
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The Origin of Pig Latin: The Pig Nosed Crime Lord

Pig Latin Pig Latin spent his first year alive - in a secret/secluded barren Baja Desert prison with his mother ...
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The Origin of Dr. Dray Seusanpepper and Fuh Kim

Dr. Dray Seusanpepper (World’s Evilest Mastermind) Dr. Dray Seusanpepper was a savant and viewed as potentially, the smartest person alive ...
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Jack Magnum - Sidekick Person in San Diego, California

The Origin of Jack Magnum (World’s Most Average Side-Kick)

Jack Magnum, AKA Magdumb, AKA sidekick, has his name among the ranks of some very impressive characters... Robin, Jimmie Olsen, ...
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Critical Thinking, Problem Solving And Effective Decision Making Skills

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The Most Valuable Skills You Aren’t Honing

When we think about being critical, there is often a negative connotative feeling associated to it. While sharing your unsolicited ...
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Bruce Mcclane - Greatest Detective in The World Real Life

The Origin of Bruce McClane (World’s Greatest Detective Ever)

Many years ago, the US government partnered with the Illuminati with hopes of creating a secret army that would operate ...
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